Sunday, March 15, 2009

A recipe for a quicker death

Is here. Randall Denley says papers like his should charge $2, with the extra money being plowed into better journalism.
The Citizen can charge $10. Hell, why not $20? Then, when I read it for free on its web site, I'll feel like I'm getting an even better deal.
BTW, Randall, the chances of the Aspers putting another cent into journalism are pretty remote. In good times, they never did. Why would they start now?
The Globe is about to raise its price, just after a round of staff cuts and bureau closings. The result should be pretty sad.


Anonymous said...

$3 retail price for a Saturday G&M in Toronto; six months ago, I got a New Yorker print subscription that amounted to $100 for two years (they have some recent deal with Canada Post).

Anonymous said...

Globe is $1.75 now out in the rural Ontario boondocks during the week. The Monday to Saturday NY Times is only $1.50.
The weekend paper is $3 and doesn't have a tv guide, separate books section or complete stock tables for the week but there is room for close to advertorial flak about $3,500 sport jackets and $15 cups of coffee. Guess, I'm not in the Globe's demographic anymore.

Anonymous said...

Remember all that commotion about National Post vending boxes going away? Society is doing just fine without them.

Anonymous said...

Hope Canwest also fast-tracks removal of Ottawa Citizen vending boxes.

Ottawa Watch said...

They already have.

sss said...

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