Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Post cuts Monday paper

The National Post won't publish on Mondays this summer. Probably a sensible business idea, even though the optics are bad. The Post is primarily a business paper. The Financial Post is a fantastic newspaper, but there's not a lot of business news on weekends for publication in Monday papers, so, from a content point of view, it won't matter much. And summers are news droughts anyway.
Best news from the story: no more layoffs.

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Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet:

"For most newspapers in the United States, we would not buy them at any price ... they have the possibility of going to just unending losses."

He said newspapers were essential once, so they were essential to advertisers; but now the same news is available on the Internet, so as a result there is a considerable drop in advertising revenues for the industry.

Source: New Zealand HeraldNow that the Oracle has decreed, will the National Post heed? (the warnings, that is, and discontinue giving everything away for free online?)