Thursday, May 14, 2009

Boo friggin' hoo

Sorry, but I am unmoved by Brian Mulroney's tears.
I want to know why he took three envelopes stuffed with thousand dollar bills from a German arms dealer. I want to know why he admittedly took $75,000 in cash while he was still a member of Parliament. And I want to know why he didn't declare this income to Revenue Canada for six years. I also want to know if he paid GST on it.
The rest is all blowing smoke.


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Anonymous said...

Nobody looks good in this.In 2007, "Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismissed calls by opposition parties for a public inquiry into reports about cash payments made to former prime minister Brian Mulroney, saying allowing the government to launch probes against former political adversaries was "extremely dangerous."

"Do they really want to say that I, as prime minister, should have a free hand to launch inquiries against my predecessors?" said Harper.

I guess, at the time, Mulroney was a member of the Conservative party.

JA Goneaux said...

Not that I like either of them, but can anyone imagine Trudeau crying on the stand?

For those keeping score:

Clinton DID NOT have sex with that woman (i.e., he re-defined oral sex as something other than sex)

Raphael Palmiero DID NOT take steroids (except when he did)

Ruby Dhall DID NOT abuse the nannies she didn't hire (but her brother did)

And Mulroney DID NOT not answer the incorrect questions. Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

JA Goneaux wrote: Not that I like either of them, but can anyone imagine Trudeau crying on the stand?

Maybe if there was inquiry on who built the pool at 24 Sussex? Countless things I could think of that were worth investigating about Trudeau(Mirabel Airport for one). Trudeau was a media darling...never having to answer for anything.

JA Goneaux said...

Er...yes, that was on point I was making (i.e., corruption). I also remember a certain receipt for a transaction made on a napkin...

The other was personality. Much like Chretien's "golf ball" shtick, it seems Liberals have a better stage presence.

Ottawa Watch said...

One being dirty doesn't make the other clean.
The best thing I can say about the two leaders of the contending parties in the House of Commons and about the Premier of Ontario is that none of them are personally (as opposed to politically) dishonest.
But there is a lot of intellectual dishonesty these days in Ottawa, especially among the Tories. The new attack ads are disgusting. My two younger children (both arch-conservatives, as elementary school kids tend to be, despite the brainwashing) were shocked and appalled. "That's fighting dirty," said my 10-year-old son, who, a week ago, had no problem with the idea of executing al Qaeda prisoners "because then you dan't have to worry about letting them go eventually and having them come back."

JA Goneaux said...

Good point, re: the attack ads. As the saying goes "I question the timing".

BBQ is starting, a traditional time for campaigning, whether for real, or for fund raising, or for "trial balloons".

As a conservative (although not a Conservative), I would feel better if I didn't think the Tory party is being run by guys who were given atomic wedgies as elementary school kids, and have finally found a way to get back.

Whatever happened to "cool confidence"?