Monday, May 04, 2009

Larry O'Brien Trial Day 1

It's probably costing Larry O'Brien $2000 an hour while the CBC and Canwest argue they should have the right to broadcast the trial. Judging by the thick books of evidence and case material on that issue, there have already been many hours of Larry's lawyers' time invested.
The chance of the trial being broadcast or live blogged are slim to none. (I'm blogging from the media room). Not that Ontario's courts should not be opened to live bloggers and cameras, but in this case the media lawyers have given nowhere near enough notice to the court and counsel. I've seen Justice J. Douglas Cunningham before. He is a stickler on law, and his easy out is to rule that the applications by the media are far too late.
The normal minimum amount of notice for any kind of intervenor application is ten days. For a Charter challenge (in this case, to Sec. 136 of the Ontario Courts of Justice Act), the rules require 30 days. The CBC sent its first hard-copy notice six days ago. Its lawyers gave prosecutors a phone call ten days ago to sound them out on TV coverage of the case.
Larry looks bored. Two rows (front right) have been set aside for him and his family. The court room isn't full, and probably won't be until we start seeing some witnesses.
So far, we're looking at two days on the media motion, then an adjournment until May 11.

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