Thursday, May 07, 2009

McGuinty Math

Invite 30 nannies to a gab-fest.
Make sure there's at least 1 picture for the householder.
Listen (sort-of) to the nannies' 30 tales of exploitation and illegal treatment.
Do nothing (i.e., 0).
Say there were too many horror stories and forget all of them.
Leave it that way until someone blows the whistle, then insist you did everything properly.


Anonymous said...

Picked up the Star the other day and I thought I was reading Frank. The stories of Ruby's behaviour have been widely known for some time.

I think of Ruby and crack up everytime I watch Two and a Half Men and the Jon Cryer character is reminded that being a chiropractor isn't a real doctor.

Guess that stunt she pulled a couple of months back where she set up a website to gather a list of emails was the last straw. Hence Iggy is hanging her out to dry. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

Anonymous said...