Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meanwhile, at the Volkischer Beobachter and Der Sturmer

There's lots of talk about the media, right-wing radio and even about yodelling cats but nothing about a Tory former Prime Minister who took wads of thousand dollar bills from a douchebag German arms dealer, stashed it away, waited six years to declare it to RevCan, then only paid tax on half of it.
I suspect if the PM had been Jean Chretien, they would have mentioned the matter.
Small wonder the "rightwing blogosphere" is declining.


Anonymous said...

Those blogs are so ideologically driven that they are not only non-credible, but incredible. Only black and white and no shades of gray. Commentary driven by intolerance, paranoid fear and loathing. Everything examined out of context in order to contextualize and justify an ultra-conservative agenda. Is there really a viable marketplace for such conservative punditry in Canada? How many spittle-laden books can Five Feet of Foolish peddle?

Ty said...

I think the real question is "How many ads can she put on a webpage?"

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't. It's pretty hard to maintain the illusion of a "left-wing media conspiracy" if the right is pointing out those same little things, correct? Besides, it's a full-time job twisting the news to fit one's ideology; leaves no time for balance.