Monday, May 04, 2009

O'Brien trial: CBC fails to get trial on TV

The CBC's application for a Charter ruling about cameras in the courtroom was so abysmally late that O'Brien's trial judge simply brushed it aside. Twits can twitter from the courtroom. I prefer to make a couple of blog posts today.
Because of the CBC's tardiness in filing its motion, what was once going to be a two-day hearing on cameras in the courtroom has been cut to one day. So we'll hear testimony tomorrow. That may change the expected length of the trial, which is supposed to go on until the end of June (finishing just in time for the wedding of O'Brien's chief counsel, Michael Edelson.
Edelson is probably the best and most expensive criminal law specialist in ottawa. While Lawrence Greenspon takes cases that pluck at the heart strings or make you angry at some real or perceived rights violation, Edelson's the guy you go to if you have a half million bucks and your victim's blood up to your elbows.
He actually argued the judge should give drunk driver Matt Brownlee, who killed Sen. Marjorie Lebreton's daughter and granddaughter, a break because Matt suffered brain damage in the accident. He also won the acquittal of the undercover cop who ran over a kid after an afternoon of boozing at a suburban bar. One of the other cop witnesses in the case claimed he didn't try to help the victim because he was afraid of blood.


Anonymous said...

Many guys on the job have told me time and again: if you find yourself in trouble (especially for drunk driving), use the lawyers that cops use! At the very least you'll get it reduced to careless driving as long as no one was hurt.

It's the sad reality: MADD can scream until the cows come home but there is no way to stop chronic drunk drivers who have good legal counsel.

Ottawa Watch said...

Edelson got Maggie Trudeau off (on the impaired charge) so I guess there's some truth to it. I have seen a few rich guys shell out tens of thousands trying to shake off an impaired rap and fail to do it -- Eric Malling comes to mind, and there are others. But money definitely helps. If you're poor and stupid, you plead guilty. That's good for the stats.