Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The fake crisis

Very good sources tell me Elections Canada has paid election rebates -- usually about $100,000 each -- to just 20% of the Liberal ridings that qualify for them. This adds up to millions of dollars that the Liberal Party would need to fight an election, and which it does not have on-hand. Today, Canadian Press found out what the hold up is. So this week's election gambit was, at best, a bluff. At worst, it was a rather transparent and ludicrous attempt to appear to be driving government policy in this country.
Ignatieff has it in him to be a great Liberal leader and Prime Minister. But he's nowhere near it yet. He comes across as shallow, an empty vessel, a man waiting for some bad luck to befall Harper so he can take advantage of it. His problem: he plays the Ottawa game when, in fact, he could rise above it.
Right now, he does seem like the most crass of opportunists, a man interested in the game but not really engaged in an attempt to make Ottawa work. He also comes across as a man with a mean streak. If Jean Chretien looks like the guy who drove the getaway car, Ignatieff comes across as the guy who planned the heist.

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