Friday, June 26, 2009

G'bye, Michael Jackson.

I was never a big fan. I'm so old that I can remember the Jackson Five. I didn't like them much, nor was I keen on Michael as a solo act. That was "bubble gum" music for girls. (Though I didn't hate him the way I did Donny Osmond, and I found it intriguing that he sang the theme to a horror movie about a guy with an army of rats). By the "Thriller" years, I was into my twenties and didn't take much notice.
Still, his life seems, at this distance, to have been quite the train wreck: spectacular success, deep family weirdness, psychological instability and very little grip on reality. I saw a documentary in which Michael Jackson went "shopping": walking through a closed boutique waving his hands around, "buying" things without even giving them a close look. I'm sure possessions can't bring much happiness to a man like that.
People didn't do much for him, either. He was unable to have a real friendship with anyone, it seems. His marriages were odd. He emerged from them with kids, genesis unknown, who seemed to be stuck in a world of abuse of their own. Jackson was so narcissistic that he couldn't even give "his" kids their own names. It was all about him, all the time. He seems incapable of giving anything.
He was, as per usual with that tribe of over-rich, disconnected celebrity, surrounded by parasites, "employees" who had control of his life in return for indulging all of his primal whims and his various addictions. Of course, substance abuse entered into the equation.
Now he's dead. No surprise, really. His face showed how hard he had struggled against growing up. Aging gracefully into middle age and beyond certainly seemed unlikely.
Now comes the generation of more fortunes: trash tab special editions, magazines, and, we're told, about 100 unreleased songs. The estate half a billion in debt, which suggests to me there may be some justice. His handlers and enablers, along with his wretched parents and siblings, will have little to feed on, at least in the short and mid-term. Eventually, royalties will pay down this debt and may even earn some money for Jackson's "kids", who are now indigent.
I suppose if you have any prayers for anyone involved in this horror, pray for them.

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