Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great moments in journalism, part VII

A writer recently said that journalists used to be drawn from the smartest of the working class, but now they come from the dumbest of the upper class.
The Globe and Mail certainly seems to be trying hard to prove that point. At least, that's the affectation the paper's writers have tried to create in the past twenty years, with so much damage to itself.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha.

"According to urbandictionary.com [funemployed] is “the state of being without a job, yet having lots of time to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.”

Ha ha ha ha. Great reporting. "urbandictionary.com" What a great source. What a great alternative to a sociologist.

Being unemployed is fun? This is either the greatest indictment of my generation, or Canadian journalism has hit an absolute new low, or both!

Also: the piece filed was "Special to The Globe and Mail"

I would think so.

A little disingenuous when their unionized guys just voted to strike, methinks. Will they be having fun if they actually hit the picket line?

Anonymous said...


here's another great moment from the Globe!

Ottawa Watch said...

Johnny Carson's dead?!?

Seriously, newspapers really need to get out of the trend spotting business. Many of them really put the "twit" in "twitter".

Anonymous said...

As I read that column this morning, I thought it should have been called: People With Lots of Money Less Affected by Unemployment, Unofficial Study Shows

Now I have to clean up the vomit off my kitchen table, again.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats the Toronto Star poverty series a few years back where they interviewed a 905 area yuppie couple (both working for the department of education ) complaining they can only afford an *above ground* swimming pool.

Ottawa Watch said...

That was pathetic, I must agree.