Saturday, June 20, 2009

Journalistic ass-whump of the month

I read it while shopping at Chapters today: the piece in the latest Maclean's in which Paul Wells basically calls out Mark Steyn as a fascist. Wells, one of the few Canadian writers who tries to understand modern Europe, trashes Steyn's theory of creeping Islamicization of Europe. He mocks Steyn's arguments that the nationalist parties in Europe are making some kind of real political hay, and he says Steyn and Dutch politician Geert Wilders' claims of 40 million Muslims in "Europe" include the 20 million Muslims in Russia (European and Asian) and the six million Muslims in the European part of Turkey (Istanbul and surrounding area). It's actually worth buying the magazine to read it*, and I'm waiting patiently for the Steynian shoe to drop.
My take: somewhere in the middle. I'm always suspicious of "fun with numbers" and I'm no friend of xenophobes, but I noticed, among friends and relatives in Europe, a growing unease after the murder of Theo van Gogh and the Paris banlieu riots.

* But you don't have to, because the people who run Maclean's are so stupid that they give it to you. See post below about the troubles of the print media business.

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Anonymous said...

One murder and burning cars are bad, but do not indicate the downfall of western civilization.

From what I recall of Steyn's writing on the Islamification of Europe, it is nothing but logical and statistical fallacies, and in some cases (such as the one Wells pulls out) pure B.S.

It's too bad actually. I really think he is one of the most talented writers out there. Too bad he wastes it on this crap.