Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today in narrow, stupid xenophobia

A province that has a hospital system so bad that my father-in-law spent four days last month lying untreated in a Hull emergency ward with a broken hip still has the energy, time and money to fight over allowing musicians to sing in English at the "fete national" festivities in Montreal.
I suppose this stuff keeps people's minds off the fact the roads and bridges are falling apart, the schools and universities are substandard, the population is stagnant, the economy has flat-lined, the cops are despised and the honesty of the government -- at all levels -- is questionable.


Zhu said...

I'm surprised that no Quebecer has commented yet! :D

I think it's stupid to ban English from the National Day. I think it's stupid to lean towards banning a language, period. It goes against Canadian's core values.

There is a reason why I chose to immigrate to Ontario and not Quebec, even though I'm French. As much as I like some aspects of Quebec, I don't feel I would fit in the society there.

Ottawa Watch said...

It is becoming such a backwater in a Western world that values and encourages mobility and detests narrow nationalism.

Anonymous said...

If Quebeckers knew a bit more about their history, they might be less obsessed about this language thing.
Do any of them know the role of Anglophones settling Eastern Townships, Gaspe and Ottawa River area or that Montreal for a long time in the 19th century had an Anglophone majority or Quebec City's population in 1867 was 40% Anglophone?
Probably wouldn't make any difference, sadly.

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