Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who will get my vote?

The party that actually shows signs of preparing to do something about the nice little police state we've got brewing in this country. Whether it's cops rigging juries in Windsor and Simcoe County, MasterCard Marxists and Birkenstock Bolshies stripping people of free speech rights on the Internet and refusing to account for their actions in Parliament, cops getting personal information about you from your Internet service provider and trolling Facebook to see if you hang with the wrong crowd, or the ludicrous Parliament Hill security guards that put five-year-olds through scanners before they visit the Senate, the trend is not good. It seems 9-11 was the best thing to happen to the forces of tyranny in this country (and the US, for that matter).
The more we talk about rights in this country, the fewer we actually seem to have.


Etobicoke Slim said...

All Federal buildings in Washington D.C. require scans before entry. I was there with the family in March and we had to pass through detectors to enter the food court in the Reagan convention center as well as having to produce ID. My wife didn't have hers with but the guards, figuring we didn't look too much like terrorists, allowed me to vouch for her and my kids.

It seems like overkill but on the other hand, look at what happened at the Holocaust museum last week. Had there not been that initial checkpoint the carnage would have most likely been far worse.

Ottawa Watch said...

Nope. He would have shot the people at the checkpoint and walked in.
Almost all of the increased "security" I've seen on Parliament Hill over the past 15 years has been directed at annoying the honest public. Any dedicated terrorist or crazy shooter could very easily get onto Parliameny Hill and into the Centre Block or any other building.
Two years ago, the cops took a fishook from a friend of mine's hat. Once, the guards took my wife's tweezers. My 70-year-old father-in-law was turned away from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia because he was carrying a swiss army knife.