Friday, June 26, 2009

World o' White Trash

Black folks, Indians, gays, Muslims... no one gets a break from the poison pen of Canada's favorite fascist, KKK-ate MacMillaneven on the day they die.
People like that do give libertarians and conservatives a bad name.


Anonymous said...

It was Michael Jackson, for heavens sake, not Mother Teresa. I grew up in the era where Michael dominated the pop scene and I certainly have positive feelings about his music. However, I worry if you cannot feel any sympathy for the people that Jackson affected in a negative way. Stating the obvious duality that was Michael Jackson should not be a target of scorn on your behalf. His talent was great but so was the emotional problems in dealing with an adult society. In a way, we detach ourselves emotionally by saying things like "Now he's dead. No surprise really." Can you imagine someone way that about you after you've passed on. Don't try to make trite political statements about a troubled superstar and pretend you are a caring individual about Michael Jackson. Exactly how was Kate's statements worse than 'Jackson is dead, quelle surprise?' And who gives Greens a bad name, besides Elizabeth May?

Ottawa Watch said...

Not quite sure what you are getting at. Are you?

badbeta said...

Mark, you are starting to piss me off. As a child being beaten by my father, I had to leave at the age of 13 and made a living outside the Hudson's Bay in Victoria just to get away from it all, I'll leave it to your imagination as to how. I know the old saying about speaking ill of the dead but let's face it, Jackson was a pedophile. Now goggle Bill Graham and his boy toy Lawrence Metherel and you can explain to me why nobody had the guts to report on it in any of the mainstream media that I have read. He was the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada after Paul Martin so in fact he could well have being the Prime Minister of our country if the minority gov't of Mr Harper had failed. For some reason I don't think you will have an answer so I'll leave you with this link and to wonder why we are starting to be known as a destination for the pervs.
You might also quit the cheap shots at Kate. You lose my respect with your juvenile behavior as I know you are better than that.

Ottawa Watch said...

Look, first you're libelling Graham, who may be gay but was no pedophile. Second, you're convicting Jackson of somethin g a court acquitted him of. Even Jackson-haters who covered the trial said the accusers were grifters and the charges should not have been brought. Third, KKK-ate says we can mourn the music but despise the man. In fact, the music and the man are inseparable. I simply suggested the man -- and those who, for whatever reason, loved him -- should be given a day to mourn without all the KKK-ates of the world pissing in the guy's grave.
I also note, whether it's natives, Muslims or blacks, KKK-ate is always there to stick the shiv in.

Mark said...

HE PAID $20 MILLION DOLLARS TO A KID TO KEEP HIM QUIET. I don't need a judge to make an official judgment. Jackson was a pedophile. You want to support him, you have to acknowledge he was a sick human being who had a good voice and some dance moves. This was not some saint though.

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. Jackson, stinking filthy rich and with no sense of the value of money, paid $20 million to make it go away.
I don't believe Jackson was capable of pedophilia. I doubt he had sex with anyone.
Kate gets tough on all blacks, Muslims, Indians and anyone else of her little list, ignores ex-Pms taking big wads of cash and everything else that doesn't fit into her partisan and racist views.
BTW, Rush Limbaugh was a drug addict. But I bet you still think he's cool.