Thursday, July 02, 2009

Deport Kathy Shaidle

Little Ms. Five Feet of Furry says "It's Canada Day, so I'll be busy not celebrating..." So let's do her a favor: we'll each kick in a buck and buy her a one-way ticket to Buffalo! She could be there for the Fourth of July this weekend and just stay on forever! I'm sure she'll be much, much happier there. The Yanks will appreciate her analysis of their political situation (yup, surely...) and she won't have to suffer through "Trudeaupia" anymore.


In the comments, my old fishin' buddy Brain Drain XP reminds me of this guy. I have a buck to toss in the pot to send him off, too. Same coin, other side. All "Canada haters" should be actively encouraged to leave for whatever place suits them better.


A commenter suggests we send Kathy to North Korea! No messy minorities, silly rights or unions!
Make your suggestion. Be creative!


BrainDrainXP said...

But no comment on this?,_Canadian_Arab_Federation_VP_says,_“F__k_Canada_Day”.html

Ottawa Watch said...

OK, I have a buck for his ticket, too.

Anonymous said...

I've actually suggested North Korea. Think about it: they're tough on crime, strong military, no multiculturalism and any attempts to form independent labour organizations are instantly crushed. Sounds like a right-wingers paradise.

Ottawa Watch said...

Yup. No messy "rights" to worry a bout, either.

Anonymous said...

Send her to Jamaica or Northern Manitoba.

Ottawa Watch said...

It would be interesting to see what type of work she could find in places like those.