Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to start WWIII

Islamicist scumbags are threatening the life of Barack Obama.
Obama's personal safety is something the mullahs should work to protect, for if there is one thing that could set loose the full, united vengeance of the American people upon al Qaeda, similar terrorists and and their backers, harm to Obama would be it.
This is a guy who, despite the rage of the fascist right, still transcends politics. It is a strange thing for a North American to go into the homes and businesses of black Canadians, as I have recently, and see framed photographs of Obama in places of honour.
The mullahs have always had a tin ear for politics and a real thirst for martyrdom. Trashing and threatening Obama, a man who has the potential to build on his popularity in the Muslim world, strikes me as bad politics.
Following through with their threats strikes me as suicidal.


Bob said...

On the other hand it might convince one or two moonbats that he wasn't a secret Muslim...

More seriously, the last thing the world, Islamic and otherwise, needs is for Obama to be killed.

ilona@israel said...

i don't think that we need such radical actions. it may be not good.