Thursday, September 17, 2009

Human Rights Act Sec. 13 RIP

And good riddance.
The Canadian Human Right Commission has neither the expertise nor the mandate to censor Canada's media.
Mark Steyn dances on the grave of Canada's upstart censorship system here.


bigcitylib said...

Hardly gone.

Cases could go forward without asking for s.54 penalties. Decision will likely be appealed.

Don't read Steyn for this stuff, anymore than you would if you wanted to know something about Italian cuisine.

meddy said...

Seconding BCL's comment. Steyn is not against Section 13 alone, he is against the entire mandate of the Human Rights Commisions. He wants them abolished.

HTMLMencken did a survey of Steyn's opinions back when he was being sponsored by Con Black. It includes this --
Steyn seems to consider the rights of disabled people to be a crackpot concept, unworthy of anything more than a sneer, which the tragedy of 9-11 provided Steyn with the opportunity to utter:

"The post-Cold War interlude is over, an era of follies--OJ, Monica--and fatuities, a few of which Tuesday's horror stories cruelly underlined: employees in wheelchairs, whom Bob Dole's Americans with Disabilities Act and the various lobby groups insist can do anything able-bodied people can, found themselves trapped on the 80th floor, unable to get downstairs, unable even to do as others did and hurl themselves from the windows rather than be burned alive."

That must have been satisfying: hahaha stupid paraplegics, you can't walk!