Friday, September 18, 2009

Nice tribute to Doug Fisher

Sandra Martin gives Doug a great send-off on the Globe web page.

The NDP sent out a pretty decent tribute from Jack Layton:
“I was saddened to hear this morning of the passing of Douglas Fisher, a man with a distinguished place in the history of this country and its Parliament,” said Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party.

“Douglas spent eight years serving Canadians in the House of Commons, as a member of the CCF and the NDP, and worked on the Hill for 30 more as a columnist and television host. He will always be remembered, not only for his defeat of C.D. Howe in 1957 and his work as an MP, but for his 50 years of political analysis. He was known as the dean of the Parliamentary Press Gallery,” said Layton.

“Doug Fisher led an incredibly accomplished life that included many careers: miner, teacher, fire ranger, construction worker, guard. He was a very active, and sometimes outspoken, Member of Parliament who was dedicated to his constituents,” said New Democrat MP Bruce Hyer, who’s riding, Thunder Bay—Superior North, encompasses Port Arthur, the riding Fisher represented between 1957 and 1965. “He was greatly appreciated for his integrity and commitment, and he will be deeply missed.”

“Douglas Fisher was a wise politician who was recognized as one of the best speakers in Parliament during his time there. We in the New Democratic Party look to him as one of the greats in our history,” said Layton. “I wish to send sincere condolences to Douglas’ five sons, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Tobias and to their families. May they take solace in his long life and his legacy.”

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Anonymous said...

Sad to see Fisher pass. His knowledge of Canadian political history, especially for the period from 1935 to the present, was unparalleled.
Nobody in the major Canadian papers today can match it.
His reasons for leaving parliament in
1965 and the continuing problems with the NDP as a party still hold weight.