Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember when I said we might have an election by accident?

Well, here's the accident:

Video shows two faces of Stephen Harper: Ignatieff
Source: The Canadian Press
Sep 10, 2009 13:24

MONTREAL_ Stephen Harper's chief rival is calling him two-faced.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says the real prime minister only emerges when he thinks he can't be overheard.

Ignatieff said it's no longer possible to work with a man so contemptuous of basic Canadian values, and he reiterated his plan to bring down the Conservative government.

``(Harper's) already lost the confidence of the House once,'' Ignatieff told a news conference Thursday.

``He's about to lose it a second time.''

Harper was overheard in a video talking about winning a majority, squashing separatists and socialists, and keeping leftists out of the courts and other public institutions.

The Bloc says it's particularly bothered by the comment about the judiciary.

Leader Gilles Duceppe says, behind closed doors, Harper sounds like a member of the radical fringe of the U.S. Republican party.

The NDP calls the remarks low politics that undermine Canada's justice system.


(c) 2009 The Canadian Press


Anonymous said...

"Harper was overheard in a video talking...."

Overheard? Has he seen the video? Harper KNEW it was being videotaped and even looked directly into the camera. In this day and age, when you are in front of a large crowd, you KNOW it's going to be put out there. The man put out what he wanted to be put out and there's nothing scandalous about it in my mind, in fact, it all makes perfect sense to me.

Ottawa Watch said...

Checkmate. Harper now will get an election, which is what i suspect he has wanted all along.