Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Limbaugh on Coulter

Since this is the first time I've agreed with Limbaugh on anything important, I thought I would post what he had to say:

RUSH: I’ve met Ann Coulter a number of times. I can say that I know her, and she is decent, and she’s funny. Dirty little secret here, Ari: She actually doesn’t mind this at all. She’s in the front page, above-the-fold in the local newspaper. Everybody around the world is talking about this, and she has successfully illustrated just what a bunch of bigots there are at this university. So this is something that she’s out there laughing about. This hasn’t even happened at the stupidest American university, as she says. Ari, I’m glad you called. Thank you very much.

Ann Coulter played the University of Ottawa like a virtuoso. The university could have let her come, speak to a few hundred people, then leave. Instead, it got into a shit-flinging match with someone who has a much bigger podium. Provost Francois Houle and student union president Seamus Wolfe have a tin ear for media, and, in their efforts to be big men on campus have done serious harm to the world-wide reputation of the University of Ottawa. Coulter will go on to the next dust-up (they're her stock in trade) but we members of the University of Ottawa community will have to live with the damage caused by Houle and Wolfe.


Anonymous said...

A major damage control letter out to the public and alumni from U. of O.
Allan Rock seems to have gone to ground in this affair. Do you really think Houle sent out the letter to Coulter on his own?
Certainly the events of the last week helped achieve the international prominence for Canada as its role as "Canada's university"

JA Goneaux said...

Much like what they say about Howard Stern: those who liked him, listen for an average of 45 minutes. Those who hate him, for over an hour...

Much like the recent(ish) revelation that a piece of white power doggerel posted on a nasty website was read, initially, by a total of 8 people in Canada. However, when the CHRC investigated, and of course, published its investigation, the doggerel was read by quite a few more people than 8.

When will censors ever learn the old folk singer's adage: when you want people to really listen, sing softly. If all your songs are "shouters", most people will tune out. Coulter's protesters couldn't have done a better job of amplifying her crap if they had held the megaphone for her.

The Coulters of the world are only using the same technique modern "artists" use (think giant banana floating over GW Bush's ranch): it isn't the "art" that is artistic, its the reaction to the "art"...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I love the banana thang is magicical
Those people opposed to the upside-down opinions of these speaker tour mercenaries who spit the RIGHT stuff in wrong places need to become a little more creative in their methods of dissauading the public from gathering to listen.
What have the corporate injections of the virtual bubble wrapping our next generations done to the education system if it extrudes students who enlist stale and boring protest methods which stalled a few minutes after the 60's were extinguished...
Hmmm... Imagine Coulter's reaction if many of her opponents arrived sporting Klansmen outfits or some other silly costumes to distract the messenger...and indeed her blah blah blah message

But at least recall the old adage: Never kick a skunk...especially if its in a dress


boyari2 said...

Private Investigators (opposition research) obviously tailed this man 24/7 and then he was killed.

Should'nt they be charged with murder?

Any way you lok at it, this roadkill is IN COLD BLOOD !

Has Canada ever solved a politially motivated murder or is the RCMP that cleared Guergis totally corrupt?