Friday, April 09, 2010


Oh, how do you deal with Miss Huronia?
Having grown up in, lived in, and covered Huronia for the Globe and the Star more than a decade, I can see how this has happened. People in that area, especially those who hold political office, have come to expect the perks of Third World-style government and there's a hefty feeling of entitlement among the "quality." Quite literally a dumping ground for all of Toronto's chemical and human effluvia, the place is run by real estate agents, sub-dividers, soil-strippers, condo builders and other vermin. It's the kind of place that's good for tourism for a week or two, but you don't get to know how things work.
Helena Guergis is politically dead in the water, but she has a great future in Huronia, perhaps replacing one of her cousins as warden of Simcoe County. She could use her parliamentary severance to become one of the trust-funders who swan around Collingwood pretending to have meaningful careers. I won't be surprised to see her mug on a real estate sign. "Above the Crowd" indeed.
This might be a really good time to ask what we expect of cabinet ministers. Are they hired for looks? Gender? Geographic representation? Because maybe, just maybe, the running of the government of Canada should be in the hands of people who are smart and competent. Some of them might be ugly. Some might talk funny. I think we should be able to live with that.


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Surely you jest? Helena to replace Tony Guergis as Warden of Simcoe County. Not a chance in hell. Her political days are likely over. Can't think real estate sales would be out of line for her though. She seems to have a feel for self promotion via her assistants.

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Hey does anybody got an OVER /UNDER number on the pending 5 years each of Guergis n' Jaffer will spend in His n' Hers Incrowd Jail?
Always bet the under.