Saturday, April 10, 2010

Helena Guergis, She Be Dead

At least politically. And in a week that was a real news drought, there were many happy faces in the Press Gallery when Helena's pretty little neck was laid upon the block. It sure beat covering the 93d anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and send-off of the last WWI vet, a guy who never actually left England for the European continent. (He had enough class and good sense to realize the last real fighting vets died a while ago).
No matter. Next week we'll see just one or two more days of the Helena Guergis wake as reporters speculate on just what evil generated the photogenic minister's political gutting. Then everyone will move on, wondering, say, about the PM's new pick for GG, Iggy's poll results, or the latest plan for Senate reform. Maybe some more highway maintenance announcements will come out. Pundits will claim Tory MPs are benefiting, while neglecting to mention that most highways are in Tory ridings while most streets are in Liberal constituencies, places where infrastructure "stimulus" money is spent on subways and other stuff.
Right now, Ottawa is in a deadlock. Most Hill reporters are more concerned about the future of their own jobs than the state of their country. The big stories are being broken outside the city by reporters like the Toronto Star's Kevin Donovan. In Ottawa, skeletal news bureaus can barely do the basics, hampered by the Harper government's media freeze-out and an effective news blackout in the entire civil service. Parliamentary debate has been replaced by posturing.
This is not good for democracy. And it's a poor way to run a country.

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boyari2 said...

Private Investigators (opposition research) obviously tailed this man 24/7 and then he was killed.

Should'nt they be charged with murder?

Any way you lok at it, this roadkill is IN COLD BLOOD !

Has Canada ever solved a politially motivated murder or is the RCMP that cleared Guergis totally corrupt?