Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Key Porter

My book, the Fog of War, is scheduled to be published by Key Porter Books on January 25, 2011. Right now, the publisher is in a state of flux. Most of the staff has been let go and the survivors have been moved out of their office and into the distribution facility on Bolton, north of Toronto. Some very talented people have lost their jobs and a very important Canadian cultural institution is in jeopardy. Despite the millions and millions of taxpayers' dollars that have been poured into Canadian book publishing, Key Porter was the last big Canadian company left. All of the rest, including McClelland and Stewart, which still calls itself "the Canadian Publisher" are now foreign-owned.
Key Porter published about 100 books a year. They published some fiction, kids' books, history, military books, political stuff, cook books and hockey titles. Farley Mowat, Jean Chretien, Margaret Atwood, Joan Barfoot and many other top-tier Canadian authors published with them.
My book is done. All the editing, typesetting, proof-reading, the dust jacket (with blurbs by Peter C. Newman, Steve Maher of the Halifax Herald, and Jeff Keshen, who did the definitive book on WWI censorship). It just needs to be printed.
Needless to say, I am sticking close to the phone. There are five years of my life invested in the book, and I know people are going to find it interesting.
I am told I may hear something by Friday.
So hope for the best. Even better, pre-order it now from Chapters-Indigo if you were planning to buy it. Normally, i'd be lobbying for people to buy it from an independent book seller, but in this case I think a big Chapters order might save the book. Plus they're selling it for about $20, which is a good deal.


Warren K said...

Very sorry to hear about this. As a guy whose first book was published by KP, too, I think this is a major loss for the country.


Ottawa Watch said...

It was a nasty, week-long scare. Things are OK now, for me at least, but there are quite a few good books that will never be published because of this meltdown.

Nadine Lumley said...

Congrats on your book. Government censorship is a disgrace.

I'm disgusted to see that new HarperLand book is being censored by Heather's book stores, they are hiding the book in the back and the staff can not find it for customers easily.

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