Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quill and Quire carries an announcement for Kill the Messengers


Welcome Warren Kinsella Reader(s)

A slew of great columns by some of Canada's sharpest minds debunk the myth of Warren at
I'll update it from time to time, but few people really write much about the self-proclaimed "Prince of Darkness" anymore. 

It's Official: My First (Modern) Political Book


Canadian English-language rights to KILL THE MESSENGERS: STEPHEN HARPER’S ASSAULT ON YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW by The Fog of War author and censorship, propaganda, and information-control  expert Mark Bourrie, about how the federal government operates in secret and undermines the democratic process, eliminating public servants and processes that fail to toe the party line, have been sold to Janice Zawerbny at Thomas Allen Publishers by Denise Bukowski at The Bukowski Agency, for publication  in fall 2014, in advance of the next federal election.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Crooked Politician Will Provide

My latest piece from

POLITICS CHATTER: The crooked politician provides all (if you’re a reporter with bills to pay)

Years ago, when I was a skinny, skittish young cub reporter, I found myself kicking a chair and cursing at some outrageous stupidity committed by a politician. A long time has gone by. I no longer remember who I was angry at or the nature of his transgression.
But I do remember, as clearly as the day it happened, a wizened old city editor beckoning me over to his desk. Moving a couple of ashtrays aside so he could set down his coffee, he leaned over, his yellow teeth shining in the green light of the primitive video display monitor, placed his right hand on my shoulder, and uttered these words, which I recount here exactly as he told them to me:
“Embrace the crooked MP, bonehead mayor, the greedy Indian chief, the smug and profligate premier, my son. Let them roam in packs across the land.
“The crooked politician will provide all.
“The crooked MP gives our children straight teeth. He digs our swimming pool. He fills our mutual funds and RRSPs.
“He puts clothes on our backs. Food on our tables. Gas in our cars. The crooked MP makes the car itself and fixes it when it breaks.
“The bonehead mayor gives us trips to Jamaica and puts new roofs on our cottages. She makes us bookcases and fills them with books. She pays the hydro and phone bill.
“Someday, she will buy you an iPhone 5, whatever that is, and pay your monthly cell phone bill.
“The greedy Indian chief provides for us even in the most lean of times. He fills our pages when there is nothing but weather stories and tracts about the meaning of Santa.
“The smug premier makes our suits. He crafts nice watches. He feeds our pets, fixes our appliances, cleans our carpets. He makes donations to charities in our name, gives toonies to panhandlers, and buys  General Tao’s Chicken and delivers it to our homes when we are too tired to cook.
“So be careful what you wish for, my son. Do not hunt these great and generous creatures to extinction. Embrace them, nurture them. Let them run free to do their work.
“Just do not love them.”

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kill the Messengers

In early 2015, my book on Stephen Harper's lock on government information and the crippling of the press, which is no longer able and willing to do its work as one of the watchdogs of government, will be published by a respected national publisher.
I hope to hear from reporters who have been intimidated by the Prime Minister's Office and/or by flacks from any party. I'm also looking for people in the bureaucracy who have been gagged. My book will tell their stories and discuss the impact of media control and ratfucking on Canadian democracy. It will argue that openness and truth -- in both government and media -- are the only way out of the political malaise in which we find ourselves.
You can reach me at with your stories.
I'm re-starting this blog as a way of connecting with facebook friends and twitter followers. I decided last week to close my accounts on the two social media sites and resume blogging. This way, I can reach more people and still converse with friends and contacts through my email account and blog comments.
If you have ideas for the books, let me know. And I appreciate any flowers or brickbats that you might like to send.
As well, please follow my Politics Chatter blog at and my work on