Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Official: My First (Modern) Political Book


Canadian English-language rights to KILL THE MESSENGERS: STEPHEN HARPER’S ASSAULT ON YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW by The Fog of War author and censorship, propaganda, and information-control  expert Mark Bourrie, about how the federal government operates in secret and undermines the democratic process, eliminating public servants and processes that fail to toe the party line, have been sold to Janice Zawerbny at Thomas Allen Publishers by Denise Bukowski at The Bukowski Agency, for publication  in fall 2014, in advance of the next federal election.

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derik said...

should be fertile fields to plough...back in the day Mulroney did a fair job at this ....mostly by co-opting but not above sending in hatchet men to have sluggo journalists removed.